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When 20/20 Vision Doesn’t Cut It

Having good vision and healthy eyes is more than being able to see clearly. There are times where someone with 20/20 vision may still benefit from vision therapy. Suppose you or someone you love doesn’t have a problem seeing clearly, yet certain visual abilities, such as focus at various distances or hand-eye coordination seem to be causing an issue.

In that case, contact us today about vision therapy options.

How Does Vision Therapy Work

Vision doesn’t happen with our eyes alone. Vision is a partnership between the intricate parts of the eye and its nerves and the brain. For example, a child with 20/20 vision can probably read a chart easily from 20 feet away. Yet they may struggle with other activities that require other visual abilities like intense focus on close objects..

Vision therapy aims to ensure that the brain and eyes work well together for all things, not just distance vision. It helps to enhance visual skills like eye tracking, hand-eye coordination, or focusing. 

Benefits of Vision Therapy

Many people assume that vision therapy is only effective in children. But adults can also be highly motivated to improve their visual skills. So, all ages may benefit from vision therapy.

Conditions or issues that may benefit from vision therapy include:

Types of Vision Therapy

Eye exercises are one common method of vision therapy. These exercises help train or retrain the eye in areas, such as focus near and far or switching between the two. The nice thing about most eye exercises is once you know them, you can practice them almost anywhere.

Another type of vision therapy that is gaining popularity is using binocular gaming. This is a method being used to treat lazy eye in children. One game in particular is called Dig Rush. Or depending on the specific vision issue, the eye doctor may prescribe special prismatic lenses.

Talk to Dr. Park About Vision Therapy

If your child seems to see clearly, but something doesn’t seem quite right with their vision, contact our office. The professional team at River Rock Vision Center is available to answer your questions and review your options.

Booking an appointment with Dr. Parks to discuss vision therapy.

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