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Clear, Crisp, Contact Lens Vision

Not only do contact lenses offer a great alternative to wearing glasses or getting laser eye surgery, they can also provide an option for occasions, like sports or certain jobs, where you may need to wear specialized protective eyewear.

A contact lens exam and fitting allows the eye doctor to take the correct measurements to ensure you get the right type of contact for your eye’s shape. It also gives the optometrist a chance to review your brand options with you.

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How a Contact Lens Exam Differs from Other Exams

When you get a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor checks your overall eye health, and checks if there are eye diseases or conditions developing unknowingly.

During a contact lens exam, the eye doctor will still check the eye’s health. For example, they have to ensure you don’t have severe, unmanaged dry eye disease or any signs of infection. But one of the primary focuses of the eye doctor during these exams is taking measurements of your eye.

Contact Lens Options

There are three main types of contact lenses: soft, hard, and rigid gas-permeable (RGP). Your optometrist takes your eye measurements, lifestyle, and vision needs into account when they recommend a contact lens type for your specific eyes.

For example, an RGP or hard lens typically offers more crisp vision compared to a soft lens. They are also more resistant to protein buildup. On the other hand, soft contacts are typically more comfortable with a shorter time period of getting used to the lens. 

Specialty Contact Lenses

Within the three types of contact lenses, there are several specialty lenses. Each is designed for a specific purpose. The specialty lenses we offer at River Rock Vision Center include:

Two things that can make a person ineligible for contact lenses are unmanaged dry eye disease and an irregularly shaped cornea. Scleral lenses are wider than a standard lens and sit on the white sclera of your eye. They also have a pocket of solution that helps hydrate your eye throughout the day. Between their unique size and extra-hydrating design, these could be the answer for someone with dry eyes or irregularly shaped corneas.

If a child develops myopia (nearsightedness) as their eyes grow, your eye doctor may recommend myopia control. Ortho-K lenses are worn overnight and gently reshape the cornea to minimize or eliminate the need for glasses during the day.

Because different refractive errors affect different parts of the eye’s shape, sometimes the shape of the lens needs to change. An aspheric lens may be an option that can help to reshape the lens and correct refractive errors.

Toric lenses are another option for correcting astigmatism. Like aspheric, a toric lenses effectiveness comes with their unique shape. They also feature miniature weighted edges that cause the lens to rotate to the correct orientation.

You’ve probably seen glasses with subtle dividers in them. Multifocal lenses use similar technology that gives a person corrected vision at multiple distances. The specific type of multifocal lens used determines exactly how the variable prescription is accomplished.

Today Is a Good Day to Go Frameless

Today is the day! Let us know ahead of time if you’re due for a comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Parks can perform the full exam during your contact lens fitting exam appointment to save you time. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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